New Organic Untreated Landscape Railway Sleepers

Organic Untreated Landscape Railway Sleepers

New & Used Railway Sleepers

New and used Railway Sleepers available. Contact us for a quote

Timber Cutting Service

We have a saw mill and offer a cutting service for our used and new railway sleepers. We can also cut your timber - contact us for pricing.

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An alternative for driveways, footpaths, fencing, garden beds, retaining walls and more

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Home Gardeners & DIYers

Great for home DIY projects.

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With the cost of timber at a high, railway sleeper are both decorative and affordable. Call for wholesale pricing.

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We supply some of the largest nurseries throughout NSW. Call for wholesale pricing for our nurseries.

We supply  new & used Railway Sleepers

EST 2022

Who We Are?

After doing a Permaculture Design Course I wanted to follow some of the principles of Permaculture and when sourcing new materials for my garden I had difficulty in finding sustainable organic untreated wood for my raised garden beds.

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How we work?

We are based in Western Sydney and can deliver all over New South Wales. Contact us for a free quote.

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What we Sell?

Our new Landscape Railway Sleepers are all organic and untreated which make them perfect for raised garden beds, driveways, retaining walls. The best part is that they have no nasty chemicals that could leach into your vegetables

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Laurens New Organic Untreated Landscape Railway Sleepers™

Lauren’s Organic Natural Wood Products™

We have a wide range of new Landscape Railway Sleepers. All natural organic/untreated landscape railway sleepers.


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New & Used Railway Sleepers

We have a wide range of New & Used Railway Sleepers. With the cost of timber at a high, railway sleepers are both decorative and affordable.

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We believe in organic
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The chemicals used to preserve wood are designed to be toxic to pests. Some can harm people if not handled properly, or the environment if they leach into the ground and contaminate soil or groundwater.”

We saw a gap in the market and believe that we have the best range of new organic hardwood railway sleepers to offer our clients.

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