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Lauren Conlan
A few years ago I decided that I wanted a bigger and better garden than the one I had on my suburban quarter acre block so I sold my house and purchased 2.5 acres to build my dream garden. I had done a Permaculture Design Course and wanted to follow some of the principles of Permaculture and when sourcing new materials for my garden I had difficulty in finding sustainable organic untreated wood for my raised garden beds. The only products I could find were pine sleepers which were treated with chemicals to kill pests. My fear was that those chemicals could leech into my soil and then my vegetables could become contaminated. Continuing my search I found used railway sleepers and decided to use them for my raised garden beds which is a good re use of an already used product and they look good too used in raised garden beds. Then through further research I found new untreated/organic railway sleepers harvested from mixed species of gum. I was so impressed with these new railway sleepers I decided to start selling them.

Our new Landscape Railway Sleepers are Organic and Untreated.

That means those of you who are worried about treated timber and toxic chemicals can feel safe when using our sleepers to make children’s sandboxes, garden furniture or vegetable gardens. Timber sleepers are an attractive addition to any garden.

Lauren’s New Organic/Untreated Railway Sleepers TM & Lauren’s Organic Natural Wood Products TM

All natural organic/untreated landscape railway sleepers as they are cut from hardwood gum trees with the highest percentages first: Spotted Gum; Blue Gum; Forest Red Gum; Grey Ironbark; Red Ironbark; Gum-topped box; Red Bloodwood; Yellow Stringybark; Moreton Bay Ash; Messmate; Yellow Bloodwood.

Who We Supply to

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Home Gardners

Our Landscape Railway Sleepers are organic/untreated, which is perfect for home gardeners. The risk of chemicals leeching into the produce is avoided.

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With the cost of timber at a high, railway sleepers are both decorative and affordable. Ask for wholesale pricing.

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We supply to some of the largest nurseries throughout NSW. Competitive wholesale prices.
Ask for our wholesale prices.